Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The History of The League of Women Voters by Laurel Davila

In examining the website of the League of Women Voters (LWV) I learned all kinds of interesting facts. For instance, did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt was the Vice President of the League in the 1920's? The website has a tribute to her with a short clip of her speaking about the very same issues we are discussing today regarding Civil Rights, and the Voting Rights Act. http://library.lwv.org/

Miss Belle Sherwin (see photo below), was President of the National League of Women Voters, and she is shown holding the silver loving cup to be awarded by the National League to the state League showing the greatest percentage in increase of vote of 1924 over 1920.

If you head over to their website be sure to watch the little 50 second video called "Take Control - Vote" which was developed for the League by Discovery Communications as part of their Creating Change program. It is a fast paced video game-like commercial to show you how you may regain your freedom by voting. Very creative and enjoyable. http://library.lwv.org/  

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Planet of the Apes by Tracy Knauss

Now is the time for all public leaders to stand up and be counted. Where do they stand on global warming, THE most pressing issue of our lifetime? Do they state the facts, or do they lie for political expediency? This says EVERYTHING about a person. S/he who lies for political gain must be ignored and discarded like yesterday's garbage. They are worthless charlatans, selling out the future of our children and grandchildren for their own personal gain. Worthless scum. And this includes the people who finance them, like Charles and David Koch who stand to lose billions if America gets its act together and addresses global warming by banning fracking and by convening a major consortium of our most brilliant, creative minds to develop and implement a plan to transition away from fossil fuels within the next ten years. We did it with Project Apollo, in less than ten years. We landed humans on the moon!! Surely we can put this same can-do spirit of cooperation to task by coming up with workable solutions to the problems we created. Think about it. Ask a scientist. And you'll learn most of them vote for Democrats. They vote BLUE for a blue planet. And for your children's future. And yours. The time is now. Wise up and Rise up. One People. One Planet. Vote BLUE for Earth and you. 

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fix The House by JR Gaillott

The 113th Congress has been the least productive and most unpopular in American history -- and we know who is responsible. Since Republicans took control of the US House of Representatives, they have repeatedly blocked progress then blamed Obama.
Just this past Friday, the House refused to take up the veterans aid bill, which passed the Senate 93-3 in a true act of bipartisanship. Every single "no" vote was from a Republican. They refuse to admit government can work in fear it might help Obama.
While the House GOP refuses to do anything that might help our country, they have found time to repeal Obamacare over 50 times, block immigration reform, deny equal pay for women, withhold a raise in the minimum wage, cut food stamps to veterans, cut funding for veteran's hospitals, kill unemployment benefits, obstruct infrastructure funding, reduce embassy security, cut taxes for the wealthy, expand corporate tax loopholes, block student loan reform, deregulate Wall Street, cut school lunch programs, decrease SNAP benefits, deregulate the gas and oil industry... the list keeps going.
Speaker Boehner has devised a simple solution to distract from his failure: sue President Obama. This action has truly opened the door to impeachment, but we can shut that whole thing down. In just 100 days America can fire Boehner and fix the House.
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When you have extra space in a Tweet, please consider adding one or more media sources. They need to see that people care about these issues and recognize that the House is broken. We have compiled a short list below.
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Politico - @politico
Huffington Post - @HuffingtonPost
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In solidarity,
JR Gaillot
UniteBlue Advisory Board
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Like Being a Congressman by Diana Miller

I like being a Congressman    
The job is mighty fine      
I only work two days a week  

Taxpayers do not whine    

I make the laws and write the checks
And help the country run
I Meet the Press & Morning Joe
And maybe shoot a gun

I get to visit ‘round  the world
And never pay a dime
Taxpayers fund my every trip
I’m smiling all the time

My staff  talk to the taxpayers
I’m too busy for that
Lobbyists need all of my time
Get money for a chat

I get to get away with lots
Emptying the coffers
The more I spend the more I get
Taking Lobby offers

I have the power of the state
I control the nation
People die without my vote
While I take a vacation

Hungry children and starving Vets
Their lives depend on me
But businesses don’t want to pay
So I just wait and see

This black man in the White House
Has really made me mad
I sit and stew and do nothing
And make my people sad

But that’s OK, Yes, that’s alright
Big business has my back
While people starve and people die
I fill my money sack

Millions of dollars I rake in
But it doesn’t help the people
Because to get elected now
I have to fool the sheeple

I spend all my time complaining
That the President is wrong
He’s trying to fix the nation
He’s trying to be strong

But that won’t do, no not at all
How dare he do his job
While Congress sits and does nothing
Stirring up a lynch mob

You see, I have the citizens
Wrapped around my fingers
I hide behind Rush, Beck, & Fox
Though the stench still lingers

I have the people where I want
Believing that I care
I smile at them and lie to them
And say, “It’s good, I swear”

And if that doesn’t work for me
I have my own goon squad
I’ll cry & pray & tell them all
That I was sent by God

You see that Christianity
Is good for politicians
God Bless America, Amen
Puts you ahead of competition

I want the sheeple dumb and poor
Uneducated’s best
The less I spend on them, you see,
The more they’ll work for less

If taxpayer’s should get upset
If they should ask for more
I’ll simply tell them we can’t help
And start another war

If taxpayers ever catch on
It still won’t hurt me, see
When I leave here I’ll have a job
Working for a Lobby

I like being a Congressman
This job, it has its perks
I lie and steal from everyone
And you’re the one who works

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The approval rating of Congress has dipped into single digits, its lowest in history, because this Congress has approved less legislation than any Congress in history! This "Do Nothing" Congress is the product of the "Stupid Party." This is NOT the fault of both parties, but of Republicans. In their article "Yes, Congress is that bad," respected Congressional historians THOMAS MAN and NORMAN ORNSTEIN declared, "We have been studying Washington politics and Congress for more than 40 years, and never have we seen them this dysfunctional. In our past writings, we have criticized both parties when we believed it was warranted. Today, however, we have no choice but to acknowledge that the core of the problem lies with the Republican Party." And there you have it. If you want to help our nation recover its former status in terms of opportunity, justice, etc, vote DEMOCRATIC this November.
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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Veterans Cemetery and Memorial by Drew Leavens For Congress - 45th CD California

The hard work of so many paid off last night as the Irvine City Council voted 5-0 to move forward on a veterans cemetery and memorial in the Great Park. The project, unanimously supported among veterans and the community at large ran the risk of being victimized by politics. So many veterans and non-veterans alike stood up in solidarity over a proposal that became too much of a mandate to ignore. While ground for the project likely won't be broken until 2018, what a great moment that will be!

Congratulations and kudos go out to so many people. But it is especially important to recognize Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva for initiating the proposal at the state level and garnering 100% support among fellow lawmakers. Council member Larry Agran brought the proposal forward and advocated on the local level and Council member Beth Krom showed steadfast support. Finally, I can't speak more highly of the contributions of Bill Cook, Chairman of the OCVMP Committee and Commander of the 29th District American Legion. Bill kept everybody informed and motivated and was the leader of a grassroots effort that simply wouldn't accept no for an answer. Thank you all for proving that, with enough effort, the voices of citizens must still be recognized and heard by government representatives. Now, if we can just do the same on the national level... 

Photos: Above, from left to right: Bill Cook, Chairman of the OCVMP Committee and Commander of the 29th District American Legion. Below, the Irvine City Council 5-0 vote.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Middle Class Will Rise Seuss Style by Diana Lynn Miller

I do not like this GOP I do not like them, no sir-ee I do not like this Tea Party They do not like you, you, or me The GOP does stupid things Like not passing anything They do not pay their bills OH, NO They only Hate, Hate Mr. O The Tea Party is even worse They hate, they lie, they’d kick a horse Bigots, they claim they are not But actions speak to us a lot These guys are awful, yes they are They’ll let bridges crush your car They’d rather support the Ku Klux Klan Than let you have a healthcare plan They will not feed the starving poor Would rather spend cash on a war Fight, Fight, Fight, that is their cry And start another with a lie They whine and cry and run to Fox To cover up the laws they block Then blame it all on MR O Because, because, they do not know. . . The history books about this age Will show their hatred and their rage They tried to ruin this great nation Because of one Black Man’s oration Everything that helps society Because of their proclaimed piety While taking cash, an impropriety, They vote with questionable sobriety Big Business buys our Congress now And to the Kochs, they all do bow I will admit, in my opinion, Each are just a Koch Bro Minion SCOTUS works for ALEC too They don’t even have a clue They think citizens are obtuse Impeachment we will introduce Hannity, Beck, Rush, O’Reilly They feed you BS, oh so slyly They hate, complain, and tell you stories Rather than Obama’s Glories People, stand, and fight these louts Vote and kick each one out U.S.A. belongs to US And they can all just take a bus They can go to Israel, Or they can even go to Hell They’ve harmed this country way too much These guys are oh, so, out of touch! The U.S.A. was once so Great But hasn’t been so much of late Prisons stuffed, and children starving GOP must be departing All of our elected reps When walking down those concrete steps Some of whom belong in prison Will learn The Middle Class has risen The U.S.A. will rise again Much to the GOP’s chagrin The Right-wing fascists have no clue WE WILL TURN THIS COUNTRY BLUE!