Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Veterans Cemetery and Memorial by Drew Leavens For Congress - 45th CD California

The hard work of so many paid off last night as the Irvine City Council voted 5-0 to move forward on a veterans cemetery and memorial in the Great Park. The project, unanimously supported among veterans and the community at large ran the risk of being victimized by politics. So many veterans and non-veterans alike stood up in solidarity over a proposal that became too much of a mandate to ignore. While ground for the project likely won't be broken until 2018, what a great moment that will be!

Congratulations and kudos go out to so many people. But it is especially important to recognize Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva for initiating the proposal at the state level and garnering 100% support among fellow lawmakers. Council member Larry Agran brought the proposal forward and advocated on the local level and Council member Beth Krom showed steadfast support. Finally, I can't speak more highly of the contributions of Bill Cook, Chairman of the OCVMP Committee and Commander of the 29th District American Legion. Bill kept everybody informed and motivated and was the leader of a grassroots effort that simply wouldn't accept no for an answer. Thank you all for proving that, with enough effort, the voices of citizens must still be recognized and heard by government representatives. Now, if we can just do the same on the national level... 

Photos: Above, from left to right: Bill Cook, Chairman of the OCVMP Committee and Commander of the 29th District American Legion. Below, the Irvine City Council 5-0 vote.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Middle Class Will Rise Seuss Style by Diana Lynn Miller

I do not like this GOP I do not like them, no sir-ee I do not like this Tea Party They do not like you, you, or me The GOP does stupid things Like not passing anything They do not pay their bills OH, NO They only Hate, Hate Mr. O The Tea Party is even worse They hate, they lie, they’d kick a horse Bigots, they claim they are not But actions speak to us a lot These guys are awful, yes they are They’ll let bridges crush your car They’d rather support the Ku Klux Klan Than let you have a healthcare plan They will not feed the starving poor Would rather spend cash on a war Fight, Fight, Fight, that is their cry And start another with a lie They whine and cry and run to Fox To cover up the laws they block Then blame it all on MR O Because, because, they do not know. . . The history books about this age Will show their hatred and their rage They tried to ruin this great nation Because of one Black Man’s oration Everything that helps society Because of their proclaimed piety While taking cash, an impropriety, They vote with questionable sobriety Big Business buys our Congress now And to the Kochs, they all do bow I will admit, in my opinion, Each are just a Koch Bro Minion SCOTUS works for ALEC too They don’t even have a clue They think citizens are obtuse Impeachment we will introduce Hannity, Beck, Rush, O’Reilly They feed you BS, oh so slyly They hate, complain, and tell you stories Rather than Obama’s Glories People, stand, and fight these louts Vote and kick each one out U.S.A. belongs to US And they can all just take a bus They can go to Israel, Or they can even go to Hell They’ve harmed this country way too much These guys are oh, so, out of touch! The U.S.A. was once so Great But hasn’t been so much of late Prisons stuffed, and children starving GOP must be departing All of our elected reps When walking down those concrete steps Some of whom belong in prison Will learn The Middle Class has risen The U.S.A. will rise again Much to the GOP’s chagrin The Right-wing fascists have no clue WE WILL TURN THIS COUNTRY BLUE!  

What We Should Be Doing For Our Campaign by Sharon Newell Holle

Weekly phone banking with weekend of action:

Here in Iowa, our County Democrats are hosting weekly phone banking. Contact your County Democratic Party to see if they are holding phone banks in your area.

Phone Banking:

During phone banking you should be calling folks to:

1. Persuade non-voters to vote this election cycle

2. Sign people up to volunteer

3. Register people to vote

4. Register people to vote by mail

5. Polling people to identify supporters for your candidates

Door Knocking:

1. Hand out literature with educational information about your Democratic Candidates

2. Sign people up to vote

3. Sign people up to register to vote

4. Sign people up for Vote By Mail ballot

5. Sign people up to volunteer for the campaign

Weekend of Action:

On selected weekends the County Party will hold Weekends of Action.

Weekends of Action consist of two full days of Phone Banking and Literature Drop offs in targeted neighborhoods. Each weekend that these events are held there will be a different agenda and targeted voters.

• Sign up for a Weekend of Action through your County
Democratic Party

• Sign up for a specific day and time that you would come to volunteer

• Select the type of work you wish to do on your day of volunteer

• Phone banking

• Door Knocking and literature drop off

Holiday Parades:

Sign up to walk in holiday parades with your County Democrats. Political candidates need people to walk with them in parades. If you volunteer to walk in support of a specific candidate they may ask you to wear one of their t-shirts bearing their name and logo. If they don’t have t-shirts for you to wear they may ask you to carry one of their planks with their name. You may choose to walk simply as a Democrat with the Democratic Party. Either way you are volunteering your time to help out your party and it is much appreciated.

Meet and Greet Parties and Fundraisers for Primary Candidates—House Party Fundraisers for Incumbents:

Now that the campaigns have started to pick up pace you may want to get involved in helping plan/attend a Meet and Greet for those candidates that are in a Primary election. We hold Meet and Greets for the public to come and meet the candidate, ask questions and listen to them speak. These events help constituents decide which candidate they will support in the general election. Often the Press will be invited to come to help give the candidate media exposure. Donations are always accepted at these events. You can contact your County Democrats for information on how you can get involved.

House Parties for Incumbents:

The Incumbent candidate is up for re-election and wishes to win back his/her held seat. Now is time for fundraising in order to keep up with their opponents. House Parties are usually held at a volunteer’s house. Sometimes people will rent out large party rooms or picnic areas to hold a fundraiser for their favorite candidate. Often the Press will be invited to come to help give the candidate media exposure. If you would like to hold a house party for your favorite political candidate, volunteer through your County Democrats. They will be happy to help you plan and set up your event to make sure that it is a success. Your favorite candidate will be forever grateful for your generous contribution to their campaign.


Political candidates need money for funding their campaign travels, office, equipment, media, and staff. Any dollar amount of money that you can afford to give is greatly appreciated.

If you do not wish to volunteer or you simply cannot volunteer, there are many ways that you can help your Democratic Campaign out without working!

1. Donate office items. All Campaign offices need office items and your donations really help them out a lot! This is a great way to volunteer on your campaign; offices cannot function without adequate supplies! You may donate office items either by purchasing a gift certificate from an office supply store, or by purchasing the office items yourself and delivering them to the office.

2. Donate food. All campaign offices need food for their staff and volunteers who come in to the office on a daily basis get hungry while they work. If you would like to donate food and drinks to your campaign office it would be greatly appreciated and a GREAT way to volunteer for your campaign. Here again, gift certificates, catering, or your own baked goods are always very much appreciated by your campaign staff and volunteers. Paper plates, napkins, paper towels, paper cups, eating utensils are also needed for the office.

3. Cleaning the office. Cleaning the campaign office and helping to keep it tidy is another way that you can volunteer. Campaign offices are very busy all of the time and they get cluttered quickly. If you are a person that is willing to help keep the office looking neat and clean while the others are working it is greatly appreciated by the busy staff and volunteers. After all, an office works more efficiently when things are in order!
Thank you so much for all of your help and support! We cannot win an election without the help of everyone pitching in and doing their part.

Bottom Line:

According to expert economists Robert Reich, and Paul Krugman, our country's government is not an Oligarchy yet, however we are heading that way. If we do not give our President a Congress that will work with him this November, we could possibly lose our country to big business owners like the Koch brothers. The bottom line in this year’s election is down to this,” Who do we want to be in control of our government?” Do we want to keep the power that our founding fathers gave to us, or do we let big business have it? I for one choose, “We the People.”

Let’s give our President a Congress that will work with him and for the people! VOTE DEMOCRAT in November!! 

Photo: Maria Bribrusco, door knocking



Conscience and Courage by Tracy Knauss

When we think about the many wrongs needing righting in America today, the name Ida B. Wells comes to mind. If she were still alive, she'd be leading protests against our Supreme Court's decisions favoring corporations over "we the people." She'd be marching against income inequality and voter suppression. Ms. Wells was a person of courage, compassion and conscience. She had the conviction to face her tormentors and call them out. She was a person of the people, the 99%. She opposed acts of violence against minorities. And she risked her life exposing such hatred. Today, more than ever, we need people like her to stand up against the corporate bullies and the Supreme Court fascists who threaten the very foundation of our civilization. 
Find us on Twitter at @PDMFNB, or hashtag #PDMFNB

Thrilling Breaking News! by Cathy Paganelli Kaelin

THRILLING BREAKING NEWS!! ERA Action and our Progressive Democrats of America ERA 3 State Strategy Team is SUPER thrilled to announce that The Equal Rights Amendment is getting the national attention that American women deserve in the 21st Century! All of our hard, hard grassroots movement work to build an army for the ERA to #RatifyERA with the magnificent support of the truly committed National Leadership of Progressive Democrats of America, is about to take off in a big, big way! Thanks to our champion Rep. Jackie Speier who introduced #HJRES113 to remove the ERA deadline for ratification with 143 co-sponsors! And you all should be so proud that your dedication and hard work is finally seeing the light of day! We thank you all!

Via Congresswoman Jackie Speier: "If you are in Washington, D.C. this Thursday, July 24th, I urge you to join Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and me as we lead a United Call to Action on the Equal Rights Amendment. We will conduct a rally and press event on the sidewalk in front of the steps of the Supreme Court starting at 9 a.m. Justice Scalia reminds us that the constitution does not prohibit discrimination based on sex. It's time to change that! #ERAnow"

FACEBOOK EVENT: United Call to Action on Passage of Equal Rights Amendment:

Join Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and leaders from the ERA advocacy community to urge the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in the wake of recent Supreme Court decisions that have been a major setback to women's rights.

Please join us on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court steps. Please bring signs, buttons, and your enthusiasm to show your support. (And umbrellas in case of rain).

You can share news about the United Call to Action using the hashtag #ERAnow. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Mitch by Diane Straub

Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Mitch By Diane Straub Mitch McConnell has a message for his female and student constituents. Except he really doesn't want you to HEAR it..he just wants you to FEEL it come January because he is ultra-confident you will return him to his position of honor as a US Senator and Senate Minority leader. In the grand tradition of his party he has been caught on tape saying to a few in private what he would not dare utter in public. As Monty Python would say "Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink!" "McConnell smugly informed voters in Buckner, Kentucky that 50% of women voted for him last time and he gave them no preferential treatment so hey. It’s in the bag." (Politicususa) Hey! What do you know? Mitch further opined on the tape obtained by Leo Weekly that women have it pretty darned great right now and declared sexism pretty much over... “We’ve come a long way… in pay equity and uh… there are a ton of women CEO’s now running major companies…” (Politicsususa) So, Ole Mitch is basically saying that women's issues are not on his radar screen. He figures he has the 50% female vote all locked up and he doesn't even have to promise to address equal pay or women's health or ERA or violence against women..none of that. He can just go back to being the huge turtle shaped doorstop in front of this President and by gum, if need be the next. As Jon Stewart says "Yup, Yup, Yup..." It isn't just women that get the full measure of Mitch's voracious apathy. Students and their obstacle of affording the spiking cost of attending college and the attendant massive, unforgivable debt they incur are also NOT on his radar screen. “I think more competition and shopping around for college alternatives is a pretty good idea. This comes from a guy who’s financed three daughters at out-of-state schools.” “I think the best short term solution is for parents to be very cost conscious in shopping around for higher education alternatives.” “Not everybody needs to go to Yale.” (Politicsususa) Hmmm..I've heard this sentiment somewhere before.. Danny Noonan: I planned to go to law school after I graduated, but it looks like my folks won't have enough money to put me through college. Judge Smails: Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too. (Caddyshack IMDB) Wow! Judge Smails would have loved Mitch McConnell! Talk about two hearts beating as one. You have hopes and dreams? Well, take a page from the Mitchster..he's paying for HIS daughters. You don't have the money but you have a 150 IQ? Not everybody can go to Yale..the world needs ditch diggers and people to clean pools and dressage horses too.. "American politician, Mitch McConnell has an estimated net worth of $9.8 million, nearly a 30% increase from 2010." ( What's that you say? Your parents don't have a net worth of $9.8 Million? That is unfortunate..but Mitch has let you know that he has his family covered and your problems just aren't his concern..he has his own problems trying to get reelected and hopefully he can gain another 30% of net worth in the next 4 years. Mitch's opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes is a study in contrast to the Mitch ALEC & Koch agenda. She is a champion in the fight for equal pay, women's health, violence against women legislation, education, seniors, energy policy, Social Security, Medicare and Middle Class issues. Read up on her campaign and her take on the issues here: We do not have more time to whittle away on legislators who refuse to legislate and who refuse to acknowledge the painful and difficult realities facing the American people at all ages and in all walks of life. Let's not make the mistake of making elected office in the United States an entitlement that is bestowed on the candidate with the most money for nasty and misleading attack ads. It is our futures and the futures of our children we are handing over when we are too lethargic to understand the issues and choices in our election process. Vote for the candidate that remembers YOU the Wednesday after the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Yellow Dog Democrat by Laurel Davila

Just made a new friend on Facebook. I've taken to scrutinizing their political views...well because ... you know me! Anyway, her 'Political' section in her 'About' in the Facebook profile says: "Yellow dog Democrat, born that way; will die that way." YAY! Takes one to know one! Welcome aboard to my wall my new found Facebook friend, and you know who you are! For those who do not know the difference between a Blue Dog Democrat, and a Yellow Dog Democrat, understand that a Yellow Dog is Left of a Blue Dog when it comes to certain issues in the Democratic Party Platform. Blue Dogs sometimes vote with the Republican Party. But with that being said, a Blue Dog Democrat is one hell of a better politician, in my book, than any callous, racist, xenophobic, woman hating, homophobic, theocracy loving, lying, thieving Red Republican. 
(This post is in memory of Aziz Anis, may you R.I.P. my Yellow Dog Democrat brother.)