Monday, August 4, 2014

Democratic Party Action Alert by Laurel Davila

I am so proud of we clictivists, and progressive organizers within the Democratic Party! We do things like help a great out-of-state Congressional candidate from the comfort of our homes via a phone bank for her Primary. We are a great national Blue Team and we pull together!

(D) Nancy Skinner's Michigan's U.S. Congressional District 11th Primary is tomorrow. Here is some information off her website that describes how she became an ardent environmentalist:

"After her sister-in law and beloved friend Ann’s passing, Nancy decided to use her business degree to encourage “sustainable economic development” as an environmental entrepreneur. “Having done ‘redevelopment’ work in Detroit, why not make future projects environmentally responsible?” Nancy said. She would use the power of the markets to find solutions to the pressing environmental problems of the day, reading every book possible about opportunities in “Environmental Entrepreneurism,” studying solutions offered by America’s leading minds – like Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute; author and green entrepreneur Paul Hawkins; economist Hazel Henderson; and “America’s Greenest CEO” Ray Anderson, who transformed the world’s largest industrial carpet company into a completely sustainable and more profitable business – and researching what leading green architects and engineers had to say about solutions to save energy and money in the built-environment." (

You may contact her campaign manager, Mark Taylor, at to help out with some phone banking this evening and tomorrow! It will be fun, and we can do this together! Mark will help get you all set up via email.  He's waiting for your email! I would love to see her get into our Capitol!

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