Saturday, August 9, 2014


How about them beans! Can you believe it? The disparity gap between the richest Americans and the rest of us has become so wide that even Wall Street has become so concerned they are now telling the gazillionaires to give back some of the money they took from us! No kidding! Pinch yourself! Yes it's real. This report by Standard and Poor's is just the latest of a dozen reports this year that confirm the unthinkable: Trickle Down does NOT work; and the richest Americans are NOT the Job Creators; AND taxing the rich IS necessary if we're going to dig ourselves out of this economic stagnation. So, raising taxes on the richest Americans is Job One. Also, revoking Corporate Personhood, and revoking the Union busting laws, and allocating billions for repairing America's infrastructure, and implementing plans to convert from dirty fuels to solar energy, creating beaucoups of new jobs; AND getting money out of our elections by using public funding, and...WAIT a minute. None of these things can be done until we "Get the RED out" of Congress by voting BLUE this November. And then our president can replace the Fascist Five InJustices on the SCrOTUS, and we'll be on our way to recovery from the near irreparable injury our nation has sustained at the hands of President Reagan and his descendant TEAbillies. Vote Blue for true because Red is dead, at least their ideals are dying, due to their failure to respect the Constitution and recognize human rights. The WASP death rattle cometh, as you goeth to the polls with a friend or relative this November 4. Don't go alone. Let's sprint to the finish line and deliver the knock out blow the Republican Party and their voter suppression operatives aren't expecting. Remember, even Wall Street says we've been economically and socially shafted for 30 years by soulless Corporations. Now's our time to rise up against AmeriCo, and shove them out the back door.

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